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33233RE: [John Muir Trail] Re: Ride from Whitney to Mammoth Lakes on a Sunday....

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  • robert shattuck
    Jul 18 4:19 PM
      "So tell us, have you always hung out in the Dow Spa an extra day thinking there was no bus on Wed? :) "

      No, actually, I never knew or bothered to notice there was allegedly no bus on wednesday . . . but I was corrected by someone else here, recently,  stating this fact, and not doing any further research, I just went with it––but they were wrong. 

      For the record . . . and let's hope I get this right (since I just spent a while, mostly on hold, with ESTA . . . Nice people!) 

      1. There is an ESTA bus out of Lone Pine, five days a week, leaving at 6:15 in the a.m.––it will get you to Mammoth. 

      2. m, t, th, friday is the 6:15 ESTA bus going all the way (with a transfer in Bishop) to Reno

      3. and then . . . the Lone Pine Express . . . which travels every day, but only goes to Mammoth. 

      4. both of these buses stop in mammoth. 

      5. There are other buses that leave AFTER the 6:15 . . . but they involve a lay-over in Bishop of an hour or so, and I for the damn life of me (I've never been  chart/graph person)  can't figure it out by looking at the ESTA schedule. 

      6. I would highly suggest anyone with my lack of patience for things with too much information, just give the fine folks at the ESTA office a call and they're very nice about helping you out. 

      7. So I guess my slightly incorrect info stems other incorrect info and mostly just that I've never had a problem, never missed a 6:15 out of Lone Pine and I 've always just needed to get to Mammoth, which again, both buses do, but if you want to get to Reno . . .  

      8. Are we confused? 

      9. . . . and as to hanging out in the "Dow Spa" an extra day––that's my plan this time––I always feel rushed, getting off the mountain, getting into LP. taking care of chores and then I spend the late night hours sitting in that tub, just still feeling rushed, like getting up early to catch that 6:15 to rush back to all this . . . so this time I am going to go a little slower, sleep in, wander the back streets of LP and just take a few more hours to say goodbye to it all––besides, I hear they put in a new tub and if it's better than the last, well, it'll be really good. 


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