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33215RE: [John Muir Trail] Re: Ride from Whitney to Mammoth Lakes on a Sunday....

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  • robert shattuck
    Jul 18, 2013

      "how long do you think it would take 3 guys in their early 20's to get a hitch from Lone Pine to either Mammoth or Lee Vining? " 

      Three is tough. tried it a few times and we always had to draw straws and decide who would just go sit in the shade until the others got a ride. 

      You are on 395 though and maybe you know about ESTA, maybe not . . . you can jump on the bus weekdays (except wed) going north to bishop, then mammoth at 6:15 in the a.m.

      Then as soon as you arrive in Mammoth you jump on the YARTS bus to Lee Vining and or all the way into the valley or . . . what's your ultimate goal? 

      . . . yeah, dirty works fine. 


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