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  • marketScience
    Jul 16, 2013
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      I have an appetite for doing things others don't so I have done a lot of solo trips. I used climb upto 5.5 solo, solo scuba dived caves and ship wrecks and just started to solo thru hike.

      Many people dislike the solo element in that they deem you are exposed with out a helper at your immediate side. I think solo-ing leads to more thoughtful planning, risk management and efficient use of your time. While I don't encourage anyone to solo, I have never had a problem by myself but have had problems when with others.

      For the JMT my key points of advice are:

      Go as light as possible based on your required comforts. I have upgraded equipment to include: Big Agnes Seedhouse tent, feather friends down bag, osprey aether sack, bearikade. I do not bring any cooking stoves, pots etc. I bring m&m's, powerbars, protein shake mix and vitamins for food. Duct tape for blisters. Crocs. Plus the other obvious clothes and hygene items. From my old mountaineering equipment, I dropped my loaded bag weight by 10+ pounds. This makes a HUGE difference.

      I like a low top well worn pair of hikers + crocs for JMT and hiking poles for support. I only wear one pair of merino wool socks. For me, liners plus socks just builds heat and heat creates hot spots and blister problems. Bring a few pairs of socks so you always have one on, one drying off, and one to change into if you get damp feet.

      Also, try to wash every day day and bring some antipersperant/deoderant. I ignored this my first thru hike, and me and all my stuff smelled miserable before I knew it. There are no laundry services or wallgreens on the jmt. The smell almost made me quit.

      I use a PUR Hiker waterfilter and bring water purification tablets. Sometimes one purification method is more convenient that the other plus the tables are backup if you have a filter problem.

      Use a trash compactor bag as a liner in your backpack, have a big plastic bag to cover your sack and a waterproof bag for your sleeping bag. When I did JMT last year, I ran into SEVERE thunder and hail every afternoon. I have never heard anything louder than the thunder on the mountain passes. Quickly getting everything off and covered in plastic is very important as you wait out the ice ball barrage.

      Understand lightning risk and what to do!!!

      I am looking for a cheap form of satellite communication for my trip starting Sunday. You really are isolated in the Sierra. The JMT has the benefit of a lot of traffic so you will pass people all the time that can get a message to the next ranger they pass (this could be a day or more). Just in case, you may want the ability to communicate via satellite.

      Beside that its just putting one foot in front of the other.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, Johni Smith <smijohni@...> wrote:
      > Hi! Just joined this group and I am sooooo excited to be a part of it, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
      > I am doing my first thru hike, solo style, and i'm reaching out for support.  I am wanting (needing) to do the entire trail starting at half dome to whitney portal.  I am a female solo hiker, curious as to feedback re safety issues and advise on trail.  I was unable to obtain a permit.  I understand that 40% are first come first serve, what do you think are my odds of obtaining said permit?  And, I am also curious as to ride share options, I live in Ashland Oregon and am planning my trip starting around August 10th, give or take a couple of days due to flexibility.
      > Any and all feedback is soooo greatly appreciated!!!
      >  Peace,
      > Johni
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