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33091Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: tent sites at Rosalie and Gladys Lakes?

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  • Alex Cheng
    Jul 15, 2013
      I would disagree with Robert regarding Gladys Lake.  Personally, I like Gladys because it's an easy 6 mile mostly downhill (with the exception being a .25 mile uphill at the very beginning) hike to Reds.  When I do this hike in the morning, I find no need to stop to rest or take a drink - and when I reach Reds, I don't even feel the slightest bit tired.  This hike will take about 2 hours past thousands of recently downed fir trees.  Although the trail has been cleared, it's definitely not among the most beautiful JMT scenery you'll see.  Once I get to Reds, I can shower, get resupplied and continue on to Deer Creek.  

      From Rosalie Lake, or especially Shadow Lake, there is a slightly moderate uphill climb to get to Gladys. 

      Another reason I like camping at Gladys Lake is because it's got a few very good campsites, with easy water access (including for swimming).  Here is a description of the 5 sites at Gladys that I'm personally familiar with - from best to worst.
      (1)  Best!  On south side of Gladys Lake (and east side of JMT trail), pass through the campsite designated for stock, then pass by another campsite - until you reach a campsite that has at least 3 flat areas for tents.  This site has a easy path to the lake and if you look in the opposite direction of the lake, there is a very nice view of a huge canyon.
      (2)  On the south side of Gladys Lake (and east of side of JMT trail), the first campsite past the campsite designated for stock.  This campsite also has at least 3 flat areas for tents.  It has a easy path to the lake, but does not have a nice view of the canyon behind it, just a rock outcropping.
      (3)  On the south side of Gladys Lake (and east of the JMT trail), this 'stock only campsite' is good, but not great.  Very little residue from stock animals, so you know it's not heavily used by stock animals.  Does not have views, not particularly easy access to water and it's a little close to the JMT trail.
      (4)  As you are reaching the southern side of Gladys Lake (west of the JMT trail), there is a campsite with at least 2 flat areas for tents.  This site has easy access to the lake, but is a little too close to the JMT for me.  
      (5)  Worst!  This campsite is on the northern side of Gladys Lake and is mostly sloped and shady.  I don't recommend this one.

      When I was at Gladys Lake last fall, I talked to a ranger who was clearing fire pits from some of the Gladys Lake sites.  Although campfires are NOT allowed, camping is OK!  

      Yes, mosquitos are a problem this time of year.  Mosquito conditions at Gladys Lake are currently no different from any other lake, including the iconic Thousand Island Lake.

      From: Robert <rnperky@...>
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      Subject: [John Muir Trail] Re: tent sites at Rosalie and Gladys Lakes?

      Rosalie has lots of good spots to camp. I wouldn't bother with Gladys as it is a bit marshy and usually one big bug-fest! There are many established, hardened camp sites at Rosalie. A few on the right side, downhill from the trail as you crest the ridge, ( SOBO ), and a number of spots on your left near the outlet and beyond.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "sourdocurt" <curt@...> wrote:
      > Are tent sites near Rosalie and Gladys Lakes, as ID'd in the Erik the Black and Wenk books (4.10, 4.11), still legal? Many months ago, in the early stages of my route planning, I made a note they might not be there anymore, but can't find any details now.
      > Thanks!
      > Curt

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