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33031RE: [John Muir Trail] Water conditions between HI & Reds

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  • robert shattuck
    Jul 12, 2013
       "No shortage of water right now. All water sources are good."

      So there are eat least two water sources (both within about 45 minutes of the HD junction) after the Half Dome junction . . . the usual two that is???

      and water at Sunrise, from the TAP???


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      From: ralexcheng@...
      Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 16:45:15 -0700
      Subject: [John Muir Trail] Water conditions between HI & Reds

      Just finished this section.

      - No shortage of water right now. All water sources are good.
      - Typical July, lots of mosquitos near water sources.
      - Lakes (including Thousand Island & Gladys) are fairly warm and comfortable to swim in.
      - Occasional thunderstorms in the late afternoon.
      - No issues with snow.


      Hey Bob we met last year near Red's on the
      I appreciate the response.  I was thinking
      Paiute creek originally too to get a little more acclimated.
       I figure after a day at Shaver and then a day at Piute
      I should be in good shape for being somewhat acclimated
      I've been on several 2-3 dayers already this
      year and felt really good.  Albeit the last one was an
      easy trip on the Dinkey lakes loop with my 5 year old son
      for his first trip ever.
      My base weight, before food and water is around
      13 lbs.  As for bear creek trail,
      I've been on it from the Dan many many times.  I
      guess my thinking was if I travelled it (I can get dropped
      off no problem at the trail head) and slept along bear creek
      at 8500-9000 and then powered through the next day for a
      resupply at MTR and up to evolution valley to about
      9500-10000 for better acclimatization was a thought.
       But unlike your idea better and I've been on bear
      creek lots of times it's not like I'd be missin
      On the bear can....I just bought this bearikade
      and haven't used it.  I was going off what someone
      else said I could fit...so it sounds like I can probably get
      7-8 days in it and carry my first day in my pack and hang it
      from the bridge.   Sweet.
      I'm not young but in strong but either way
      the trip to onion valley  sounds like a potential siren
      convincing me to not go back.  
      Thanks agin for all the input 

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      On Jul 12, 2013, at 2:10 PM, robert shattuck <bobolonius@...>


      "I am conditioned for
      it, have a very light load for it, but those first days seem
      to only net be about 10 miles a
      Even though you've got all the elements
      in place . . . you're conditioned, a light load and
      plenty eager to do miles, just remember you're coming
      from the flatlands, sort of––you're only gaining
      roughly what, 2,500 feet or so from Shaver to Florence, but
      still . . . a nice easy day to break it all
      Florence to the Piute Creek Junction there at
      Franklin Meadow would be a good first day . . . you can hang
      that extra food off the bridge and then hit the switch-backs
      up into Evolution in the morning.  get your

      "3) Would I benefit more from starting at
      Bear Creek, going up and sleeping at the trail
      You'd want to start at the Bear Creek
      Cut-off trailhead and NOT the actual Bear Creek trailhead
      which is a slightly gnarly four-wheel drive back in a few
      miles . . . the Cutoff trailhead is just a few more minutes
      up the road, but doing this versus Florence will add a day
      to your trip. 
      I've started at the "BCCOT" a few
      times, as late as about noon and made it all the way to
      Marie Lakes by about 9-10 p.m. . . . 
      . . . but if I read this right and you would be
      sleeping at the trailhead and then churning out your big
      miles from early in the morning––you could totally be at
      the MTR in the evening, but . . . they'll be closed and
      you'll have to camp nearby . . . make your way across
      the river in the dark to get to Blaney hot springs . . . if
      you don't know where you're going, that's all
      better done in the light of day. 
      "I am carrying a Bearikadede Weekender,
      and I can fit 5 days of food and . . .

      I carry a Garcia, which has slightly less
      room than a Bearikade. Either you are hauling some large
      items or you are not trying (smashing) hard enough . . . I
      leave VVR with about 7-8 days of mountain house meals and
      then some, in there . . . considering the cost of a
      bearikade, it might be kind of late for you to get a larger
      one, but this would easily solve all your problems of
      whether or not to go out for a resupply. 

      "2) I have never hiked down Kearsage to
      get a resupply....I'm afraid I'll get to town and .
      . . " 
      Yes, you will––there's already a
      burger and bed located in Bishop, with your name on it, just
      begging you to come out of the mountains and give up on the
      last little bit of the trail . . . 
      I must have missed the part where you give the
      total amount of days you expect to do the trail in, but with
      all your fitness and mileage goals, getting out at Kearsage
      would be a waste of time. 
      If you've got the time, then go for it . . .
      I've never quite figured (bothered) out the equation of
      what it takes to hike out and come back in, versus just
      carrying the little extra weight of your food and just
      carrying on––especially when you're just so close to
      I've met enough strong hikers out there, who
      either had to go out for a resupply, or they just
      wanted a "rest" day . . . and they never came back
      to finish. 


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