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32906Re: Lightweight 1L container for Steripen purification?

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  • dave.thofern
    Jul 9, 2013
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      I use a one-liter Ziploc food storage container. Not a bag but a light plastic container with a scew top. The Steripen Adventurer, without the case, fits well in it.


      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "john_friend" <yahoo@...> wrote:
      > I'm headed SOBO on the JMT in 4 days and just working on optimizing a
      > few things at the last minute.
      > We use a Steripen for purification and my standard operating procedure
      > has always been to just carry a 1L Nalgene that was dedicated for doing
      > the purification in. Dip in the river, zap it with UV with the Steripen
      > and then pour the water into other containers.
      > Now, with my weight consciousness on high alert, I see that the Nalgene
      > is 6.3 oz and all it's being used for is a temporary place to UV zap the
      > water. It never holds any water in the pack. It needs to be widemouth
      > to allow the Steripen to get inside, needs to be not too tall (so the UV
      > can more easily reach everything) needs to be approx 1L in volume and
      > needs to survive three weeks on the trail, but that's about it.
      > Has anyone found a lighter weight alternative? Anyone tried something
      > like this 32oz gatorade container? I wonder if the Steripen would fit
      > in the mouth?
      > Any other ideas?
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