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3242Re: [John Muir Trail] New to Forum: Plan to Hike JMT July 2009

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  • Jon Shannon
    Jan 1, 2009
      Thanks Don. I'll keep an eye on the Kings CAnyon & Inyo sites.

      We are getting a lot of snow this year, so there well be more snow on
      the passes, and swifter streams, than last years' July.

      I've used walking sticks for a few years now, and I swear by them.
      They've gotten me through a stream that I wouldn't have dared to try
      if I didn't have them. And they're worth using just for the strain
      they take off your joints on the descents.

      Mosquitoes! Oiii! THe heaviest I've ever run across was in Jack Main
      Canyon (Hetch-Hetchy area). Had to have a head net on while eating;
      and every time I lifted the net to put a spoonfull in my mouth several
      skeeters found their way in. They were in my food..everywhere! The
      only way to get away from them was to get in the water. Being an
      ounce-counter, I didn't have any deet. I'll certainly carry it this trip!


      <dc_t63@...> wrote:
      > Jon, 
      >     As far as mosquitos, we ran into areas where they were very
      thick. As far as snow goes, well, I got on the Kings Canyon and Inyo
      Forrest web site and found a page on there that gave trail conditions.
      During this past July, most of the snow was on all of the north sides
      of the passes. Once you crossed over to the south side, it was rather
      clear with a few patches here and there.My time frame was from around
      30 June to 10 or 11 July. I only ran accross one stream that gave me
      pause, but with walking sticks none of them posed any serious problem.
      I think in July, unless this winter dumps tons of snow, you should be
      ok so long you bring some walking sticks. I never really used them
      before up until this last trip. They are a great tool to have.
      > Don
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