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3212[John Muir Trail] Re: Exact Specifics of where Tolumne Meadow Post Office is to

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  • John Karpinski
    Dec 21, 2008
      To add clarity to the description below, Yosemite's official site has a general map of TM.
      What isn't labeled on the map is the backpacker's camping area which is located near the
      Dana Campfire Circle.

      Hope it helps,
      John Karpinski

      > There's also a free shuttle every 30 mins from where you come out to the
      > road - it runs along from Olstead Point to Tuolumne Lodge and back and there
      > are stops at the Cathedral Lake trailhead, the Sunrise Trailhead, and the
      > east end of Tenaya Lake to the store and campsite area. The burger place
      > closes at 5pm, they also do excellent ice cream. And really good cooked
      > breakfasts. The store is 7pm or 8pm, I can't recall. There is a small gear
      > and climbing store as well, behind the gas station, which is slightly west
      > of the store. The store itself sells stuff like socks, hats, first aid
      > supplies, deet & sunscreen - they have run out of deet at times due to heavy
      > demand. They also have beer, liquor, dehydrated meals, and a few "amateur"
      > camping supplies. And fresh food, meat, fruit, milk etc. The gear store
      > has some clothing, boots, batteries, poles, etc. There's a big notice board
      > for leaving messages outside the store. And the post office is the only one
      > in the USA that has a disco ball and a yoda inside!
      > The free shuttle also goes from the store to the Tuolumne Lodge where you
      > can have a huge cooked meal (expensive). That's where the tent cabins are.
      > It's a mile or likely more from the store. Easily walkable, rather heavy
      > going sandy rutted path in places, then road. There're showers here but in
      > 2008 they restricted them to tent cabin guests only. The wilderness permit
      > ranger station is half way between the store and the lodge - shuttle bus
      > also stops there. There's another ranger station next to the store where
      > they give out campsite reservations. The backpackers' site is free however.
      > One way to get from the backpackers' site to the JMT is just to head east
      > from the site to the river, then take the trail heading upstream (south),
      > and you'll hit the JMT once you get to the footbridges over the river. The
      > trail that comes in from the footbridges from the east bank is from Tuolumne
      > Lodge.
      > I camp up there every summer; it's my second home (I wish). Barbara
      > _____
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      > Subject: [John Muir Trail] Re: Exact Specifics of where Tolumne Meadow Post
      > Office is to JMT Trail (per Lizzy Wenks book)
      > I would say "22.9 Tuolumne Meadows backpackers campground"
      > As far as I know the backpackers campground is not anywhere near the
      > trail though, so I don't know why it would be listed as a mileage.
      > The backpackers camp is off behind the car camp, which is off the
      > road. A couple hundred feet down the road (towards YV, not Lambert
      > Dome) from the camp entrance is the store/P.O. and grill. The whole
      > area is a pretty convoluted mess of trails. The official trail
      > crosses the road immediately and weaves through the meadows. Most
      > people just hike down the road or the trail next to it until they get
      > to the store. I think they've rerouted the OFFICIAL trail here or
      > done some other kind of nonsense. You'll have to read the new
      > Wilderness Press guidebook and really look at some quality maps to
      > even get an idea on it, its just all confusing. Sorry I can't be of
      > more help, but once you get there it should all be pretty
      > straightforward to just walk down the road for a few miles until you
      > hit the store and post office. The post office is just a little
      > partition within the store that is only accessible through a little
      > counter window from the outside. The store was open pretty late,
      > maybe 7 or 8pm but I wouldn't count on the Post Office being open past
      > 5pm. Weekends are questionable. You could always give them a call.
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      > yahoogroups.com, "Roleigh Martin" <roleigh@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Total N-S Mileage Description UTM_NAD83
      > > ---------------- ---------------------------------------
      > > ----------------------
      > > 20.7 Cathedral Lakes Trail Junction 11S 290368E
      > > 4194330N
      > > 21.6 western merge with alternate route 11S 291408E
      > > 4194086N
      > > 22.2 Parsons Lodge Junction 11S 291817E
      > > 4194970N
      > > 22.9 Tuolumne Meadows backpackers campground
      > > 22.9 Lembert Dome parking area 11S 293042E
      > > 4194785N
      > > 24.0 Tuolumne High Sierra Camp junction 11S 294606E
      > > 4194623N
      > > 24.6 eastern merge with alternate route 11S 294742E
      > > 4193824N
      > >
      > > The above is taken from the Spreadsheet of the JMT GPS
      > waypoint/Campsites
      > > that Lizzy Wenks provided our group (see file library for our group)
      > >
      > > Which one of the above is closest to the Toulumne Meadows Post
      > Office. What
      > > time does the Toulumne Meadows Post Office close during the day. My
      > > understanding is to resupply at Toulumne Meadows, you send your
      > cache into
      > > the Post Office, correct? Does anyone have any extra information or
      > > correction to the above?
      > >
      > > Thanks!
      > >
      > >
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