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3207Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: Exact Specifics of where Tolumne Meadow Post Office is to JMT Trail (per Lizzy Wenks book)

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  • Roleigh Martin
    Dec 20, 2008
      In response to this:

      I would say "22.9 Tuolumne Meadows backpackers campground"

      As far as I know the backpackers campground is not anywhere near the
      trail though, so I don't know why it would be listed as a mileage.

      What I did with Lizzy's spreadsheet was take the waypoint/junction data and
      merge with the campsite data so that as I walk the trail, I can see by
      looking at one printed-out spreadsheet (landscape mode, legal paper,
      duplex-printing on both sides of paper), what's up ahead. We used it for
      the hike in 2008 from Red Meadows to Whitney Portal and it was a Godsend --
      it allowed us to adjust our plan on the fly letting us know whether to stop
      short or go a bit farther.

      I presumed I could use the unused parts of her spreadsheet rows for the
      portion from Yosemite Valley to Red Meadows, as in 2009 I hope to hike the
      entire JMT, not just the last 165 miles which I did in 2008.

      So doing this merge, I ran the risk of merging tangent gps points, and
      perhaps at Tuolumne Meadows, it is that case. However, we were able to use
      the data just fine from Red Meadows southward all the way to Whitney Portal.


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