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32000Re: Solar phone charger field test -- successful?

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  • ptoddf
    Jun 23, 2013
      Straw, sounds good but it's another single function device. I'd use it too if I owned one. But I see that the "cell phone" is the single do all device of the future. Almost there now. This Andoid thing replaces time piece, GPS, camera, voice recorder, memo pad, calendar and a few more among that subset of it's powers I happen to use along with music and maps with a you are here dot on them already mentioned.

      I'm waiting for LEO satellite comm to be added so it can work as PLB too. The personal pocket communicator of science fiction is just getting started. It has orders of magnitude to go before it shoulders off.

      So my interest in solar charging. Got my eye on some thin film (amorphous) flexi panels that should do it for 2 or 3 oz instead of the 8 oz I got with this rig. Next year?

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