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31995Re: Considering the Iva Bell detour

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  • brucelem12
    Jun 23, 2013
      Did anyone hike to Iva Bell Hot Springs last summer or a similarly extreme dry summer? Just wondering how diminished the falls and/or pools are in that case since this year looks likely to be similar or even drier?

      John (Ladd)...I see that you noticed a lesser flow rate in July 2008 when you were there compared to someone's Sept 2009 video you linked.

      I found a few photo journals from last year that show it still very appealing...but they did look to be right about mid Aug when that area was finally getting a lot of rainfall.

      I'm guessing it won't make that much difference down there around such a major drainage...but thought I'd check since I too am considering it for a very dry July/Aug hike this year.




      --- "Erica" <xericamunsonx@...> wrote:
      -----------------I'm working on our itinerary - and I'm finding myself seriously considering the detour to Iva Bell Hot Springs. I'm finding myself completely torn between doing a "pure" JMT hike - and soaking my tired muscles into the night under the Sierra stars. --------------
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