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31994Re: [John Muir Trail] Shorty Lovelace trapper Cabin GPS Fixes

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  • John Ladd
    Jun 23, 2013
      I think the GPS locations for the cabins reported at the reference Krishna located are all given using the NAD72 datum and giving a northing and an easting in a somewhat unconventional format apparently used by the NPS in the 1970's

      The source of the locations was a 1977 document so WGS84 would not yet have been available. Since locations was probably just read off of a map, I suspect the locations are approximate only 

      I reformatted them to the more usual way of UTM expression, and incorporating the handwritten notations on the document that Krishna found, supplemented by some notations on a map, linked below

      All  in Zone 11 North 
      identified by Easting and then Northing on the NAD27 datum

      On the JMT

      Woods Creek Crossing 372270E 4081630N 

      Note: turn left after crossing Woods Creek Bridge if southbound and head ENE - hidden behind some foliage - based on the co-ordinates above and several guidebooks I found online

      Vidette Meadow 374700E 4068250N 

      Note: downstream of intersection of Vidette and Bubbs Creeks per the video linked below and apparently confirmed by the waypoint given

      Off the JMT

      Cloud Canyon 362980E 4056990N
      Granite Pass 356960E 4083780N
      Gardiner Basin 366220E 4076340N
      Bubbs Creek 363040E 4071330N (Easting corrected using source linked below)
      Sphinx Creek 364400E 4069650N
      Crowley Canyon 349780E 4062990N 
      Williams Meadow 349390E 4067430N

      Only the Vidette and Woods Creek sites would be particularly near the JMT. The Bubbs Creek one, for example, is almost all the way down to Roads End in Kings Canyon.

      There are photos of the cabins, taken in the 1960's and 1970's at this link

      The last 3 pages of the document linked above has the locations roughly marked on maps 

      Video of the pretty well-preserved Vidette cabin (which  I think someone else mentioned)

      Video also reports that the cabin was just downstream of the intersection of Bubbs and Vidette Creeks. (Vidette Creek flows into Bubbs on the side of Bubbs away from the JMT)

      There's not much left of the Woods Creek cabin - see photo on this page

      Inline image 1

      I added the approximate locations to my waterfalls, etc. Google map

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