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31933Re: Considering the Iva Bell detour

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  • targetdoggmechanic
    Jun 20, 2013
      I was adding up the portion to where it joints the jmt at silver pass, just past squaw lake at the goodale pass jct.

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      > What am I missing here? I re-did the mileage numbers using the cut-off to Reds Meadow Store as a starting point, and the junction that is 1.1 miles from Tully Hole as the re-joining point of the JMT and I get 23 miles for the Cascade Valley/Iva Bell detour and only 18.9 miles for the JMT portion. I am using the Tom Harrison maps for mileage.
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      > > Iva Bell is definitely worth the trip. It is 12 miles, the first 9 all downhill or flat from Reds. Great scenic vistas, IMO better than the JMT proper. Purple lake isnt that big of a deal, Virginia is definitely a tough one to miss though. My last JMT I did a detour at Reds to Iva Bell, and rejoined just below Silver Pass. It allowed me to see Lake of the Lone Indian, which was a great lake to see. To get there, take the Rainbow Falls trail and continue to Fish Creek, then cross the Bridge at Island Crossing, head uphill along Fish Creek for 3 miles, Cascade Valley Junction, cross Fish Creek on a log. Iva Bell and its nice campsites are just up the hill and all around. Look for the wet grassy meadow above the house sized boulder, there are 3 pools there and more up the hill a ways. A great way to be under the stars and comfortably warm clear pools, no sulfer odor. You can continue up the cascade valley trail to Purple Lake and Virginia, but having doing the JMT 2 times before, I rejoined by following Fish Creek trail, past lake of the Lone Indian, and Silver Pass is right there. It cuts off 2 miles of the JMT doing this route. You can also get right to VVR if you go over Goodale Pass, but I've never been that route.
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