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31918Alternate forms of Tyvek groundsheet materials (for the truly obsessed)

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  • John Ladd
    Jun 20, 2013
    There's been a discussion of Tyveks over on another forum and I did some research on alternative versions of the cloth-like "Type 14" Tyveks. Many of us have used 1443R and prefer it over the more plasticy building wrap Tyvek (Type 10).  Here's a copy of my posting to that group -- for the groundsheet-obsessed.

    I just got a sample of Tyvek 1460, which is a cloth-type Tyvek without the surface treatments that, unfortunately, reduce hydrostatic head rating for water penetration (type 1460 exceeds a rating of 50).  It's available by the yard at Quest Outfitters.

    I have not field tested it yet.
    Quest also carries the 1443R, which is a bit lighter, but has Corona treatment that reduces the hydrostatic head rating considerably (from over 50 to under 15). I have used this (from a kite distributor) in the field and found it quite useful. I got the 1460 on a search for a version that was similarly useful but had a higher rating for water repellency.
    There's also a promising grade Tyvek14M, lighter than 1460, but more water repellant than the 1443R. It is also not Corona treated (so hydrostatic head over 50). I am hopeful that it may combine the light weight of the 1443R with the water repellency of the 1460.

    So far I've seen it sold only in bulk (60 inches by 10 yards and larger)

    It may, apparently, be available by the yard at distributors of fine art packaging materials. But I haven't found them yet.

    I have not field-tested either 1460 or 14M, but I now have samples of both, and will try to test them this summer.

    I attach spec sheets for 1460 and some information about 14M. I've been told that the 14M also has a 50 rating for hydrostatic pressure and it's about 40% lighter than the 1460, on my scale.  Though I haven't been able to find a formal spec sheet for it.

    The supplier who sent me a 14M sample has offered to distribute it through Quest Outfitters if there's a demand for it. (He already supplies the 1460 to Quest)

    John Curran Ladd
    1616 Castro Street
    San Francisco, CA  94114-3707