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31889Re: Considering the Iva Bell detour

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  • brucelem12
    Jun 20, 2013
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      My Tom Harrison maps (maybe an older version or something) show the full trail to Iva Bell. They indicate:

      Reds store to Fish Creek crossing = approx. 9.6 miles,
      Fish Creek Crossing to Iva Bell Hot Springs (IVB) = 3.5,

      IVB to Purple Lake Trail by upper trail= 6.4 another 3.1 to Purple Lake another 3.5 to join JMT right near JMT Fish Creek crossing,

      IVB to Purple Lake Trail by lower trail = 5.8 another 4.4 to Purple lake another 5.7 to join JMT between Squaw/Chief Lakes (passing by Lake of the Lone Indian and Goodale Pass junction 0.4 before hitting JMT.

      Mileage on different maps always seems to vary a fair amount, so I wouldn't take these as guaranteed.
      John Ladd posted a nice map/description w/ photo/video links in a previous post. I think his mileage was different (and based on actual experience).

      JMT south from Reds Mdw to the Red Cones is dry, open, sandy uphill in burned tree stumps from a fire in 92, often noted by many as their least favorite 4 miles of the trail. Can have beautiful wildflowers though. The next 7.5 From the Cones to Ducks Creek is probably the sandiest of the whole trail by my recollection, and waterless last year as of July 28. Some nice views but still probably close to the top of my own personal least favorite sections. Perhaps somewhat tediously repetitive by the outsize standards of the JMT where it's typical to find stunningly dramatic variation from one mile to the next over much of the route. :) I actually thought Purple Lake was particularly lovely, but it is more the sedate tree rimmed type, rather than the more dramatic open sky w/ reflected rim of crags type. Here's a pic in "Photos" "Miscellaneous":


      I haven't been to IVB either, so appreciate all the great info from everyone!

      --- "Erica" <xericamunsonx@...> wrote:
      > ----- the JMT Harrison maps of that area includes the Iva Bell, but the trail cuts off a bit (I have the Mono Divide Map on order). Does anyone have the mileage available for this detour?-------
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