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31886Re: Considering the Iva Bell detour

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  • sanfran_rwood
    Jun 20, 2013
      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, Barbara Karagosian wrote:
      > When you did this, where did you cross the river?  When we did
      > it (one year with Roleigh, as a detour) the trail from Purple Lake
      > down into the Cascade valley ended at the river where there was
      > a large downed tree that went 3/4 of the way across.  We opted
      > to wade, then climb over the end of the tree then climb up the
      > bank.  I'm wondering if there was an easier way that we missed.

      I was heading uphill from Island Crossing and Iva Bell, and the first crossing of Fish Creek is after going over the hump that the springs come out of.  Oddly enough, it's called "Second Crossing" on the old topo maps (Island Crossing is probably the "first"); it's at about 37.53345,-119.01129.
      Fish Creek at that point is wide and pretty shallow. I was there in September of the heavy rain year of 2011, and it was about thirty feet wide with a maximum depth of maybe two feet.  Plenty of water, but a smooth crossing.  It could get tough early in a wet year, I suspect.

      I've added a photo of the mid-September crossing to the Misc photo album:
      Fish Creek, Second Crossing
      Sorry it isn't too well composed; it was raining at the time. The trail continues upcanyon at that clearing across the stream.

      Coming down from Purple Lake, that is the necessary crossing of Fish Creek if you headed down the canyon.

      If you went over Fish Creek right where the Purple Lake trail comes down, it sounds like you climbed out of Cascade Valley at Minnow Creek. Don't know why -- Fish Creek is gorgeous.

      Anyone continuing up Cascade Valley past the Purple Lake cutoff and to the junction with JMT will cross a much smaller Fish Creek twice more (I think) near the end of the valley.
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