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  • robert shattuck
    Jun 15, 2013

      "It does seem like VVR must appeal much more to gung ho party animals than others. I mean, $200 a day for food and (a lot of) beer? Wow. That I can afford to miss!" 


      I have been trying to get on the great VVR debate, but a sudden wealth of work and the fact that I am suddenly forced to use my cell phone to reply ( thank you hotmail upgrades and my ancient laptop) has left me with little energy or patience . . . 

      Again, been there many a time, seen the place go through some changes and . . . it's really a pretty mellow place and usually by the time the generators click off at 10 or 11 p.m., it usually dies down to a whisper in the trees. 

      As for it being prone to "gung ho party animals"  this is pretty much the dependent/fault of whatever crew of backpackers are there––often if you get a large group of guys in for the night, they
      might get noisy, but it's not usually the staff. 

      Back in the day, Butch attracted quite the crowd . . . . he had a following, you might say . . . and they could stay up late, but since his "departure" you don't get those folks up there too much, or at least they aren't coming up to sit around the fire and tell tall-tales . . . Butch and crew were full of 'em. 

      Last August I hustled in, my mind set on sleeping in one of the tent cabins and melting into one of those bunks, but turns out that a few crazy PCTers not only skipped on their bills, but they made a mess of one of the cabins . . . puking in it, for one . . . so Jim decided to just let the staff have them. 

      This does suck and I hope he changes it–––I had the chance to see a few "clean and tidy" staff abodes and well . . . maybe he should hold inspections now and then. 

      Believe me, if it cost $200 a day at the VVR, I would never bother . . . uh, don't buy so much beer. 

      And as for the beer, it has been an amazingly sane deal up there––I would think he would charge twice as much as the rates down in the flats, but no . . . 

      If you stick to just eating some great meals and the bare essentials ( shower, shuttle, laundry {but why?} . . . ) you'll end up paying around a hundred bucks for a night, maybe less. 

      But if you decide to $pend time e-mailing everyone you know, or $alling them, or buying a few bottle$$$$ of wine and or beer and $o on . . . yeah, you're gonna tip it. 

      Also, I've never had a resupply go missing from the VVR . . . last August, I got there, signed in and then they told me I could go grab my box, but I couldn't find it––that was a bit of scare––but one of the staff had just heard my name and went and pulled my box before I got to it--they brought it into the store for me and there it was when I came trotting in, worried look on my face. 


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      Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2013 14:15:55 -0700
      Subject: [John Muir Trail] Re: VERMILION VALLEY RESORT PROBLEMS


      My main concern is having my resupply package be there. The mention on this thread ("A bear must have taken it", they were told), is the second "gone missing" case at VVR I've heard of. That's two too many for me.

      And thanks for the many first hand experience replies across the spectrum. It's all real and helpful info IMO. A visit is clearly a mixed bag, but how could it not be?

      It does seem like VVR must appeal much more to gung ho party animals than others. I mean, $200 a day for food and (a lot of) beer? Wow. That I can afford to miss!

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