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  • Matt
    Jun 14, 2013
      It sounds like the author's main gripes were:

      1. Olive was a witch.

      2. The washing machines and showers had problems.

      3. Jim, the owner, wasn't personable enough.

      As to the first point, it looks as if Olive isn't returning. Problem solved.

      As to the second point, while this would be disappointing to deal with, it shouldn't be entirely unexpected at a place as remote as this, and, in that regard, as long as the staff were up-front about it and/or money was refunded, it wouldn't be the end of the world for me (as I wouldn't be any worse off than if I'd never stopped off at the VVR in the first place).

      As to the third point, I'd personally prefer for the owner not to feel the need to get chummy with me. In that regard, I've met both Jim (current owner) and Butch (past owner, may he rest in peace) and don't recall a dramatic difference in their level of frendliness (Butch may have taken somewhat more time to visit with the hikers but the resort was smaller and had fewer services in those days).

      Finally, the biggest reason I stop off at the VVR is for the food. And on that point, the author admitted that he had nothing to gripe about.
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