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31504Re: Charging camera batteries at Resupply points? - & communications devices...?

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  • casey
    Jun 13, 2013
      I've had problems trying to charge devices directly from a solar panel while on the trail. The variations in current caused by shady conditions have caused software issues with several devices. I always charge from the battery pack with the panel unplugged. When I have a group with a lot of devices also carry a second battery pack.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "john_friend" <yahoo@...> wrote:
      > I've been figuring 100 pics a day for myself with my Fuji X-E1 which
      > should go 3 days on a battery if I'm careful not to be looking through
      > them a lot on the camera LCD. I take fewer pictures on long hard days
      > and I'm really tired and more when we have more time to mess around. I
      > haven't actually done this long a hike before so the 100/day is just a
      > guess, but it's what I've averaged on three shorter trips in the last
      > few summers so that's where my guess comes from.
      > The solar chargers I was considering are the Nomad 7
      > <http://www.goalzero.com/shop/p/11/Nomad-7-Solar-Panel/3:4/> by
      > GoalZero and the Sundance Solar
      > <http://store.sundancesolar.com/sochforliion.html> . For your multiple
      > gadgets, if you could charge them via USB, it would probably work well
      > to charge the GoalZero power pack from the solar charger during the day
      > and then charge a few gadgets from the power pack in the evening/night.
      > For battery chargers, I got a charger from Wasabi Power
      > <http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008GUVR30/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00?\
      > ie=UTF8&psc=1> for my Fuji X-E1 that has both 110V and 12V input. I
      > figured I could use the 12V output from the solar panel with the 12V
      > input of the Wasabi charger. Wasabi makes chargers for many different
      > types of batteries. But, if you have multiple types of batteries to
      > charge, that could get impractical to have so many separate 12V
      > chargers.
      > If you can't charge via USB from the GoalZero powerpack, then you
      > probably are just better off taking multiple batteries. You can put
      > charged spares in resupply packages and you can even ship the used ones
      > back home from most of the resupply points to keep the weight carrying
      > of dead batteries to a minimum.
      > I think I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that I should buy a bunch
      > of spare batteries and put them in resupply packages (one in Tuolumne,
      > two in Red's Meadow and three in MTR) and plan on carrying 1-2
      > additional at all time for the uncertainty (so I'd be carrying 2-5
      > batteries depending upon the segment). I can probably include a small
      > flat rate USPS box in each resupply in order to send the used batteries
      > home (just to save a little weight and not have to throw them away).
      > For an extra fee of $10, you can even send out a package from MTR.
      > Tuolumne has a post office that we're picking up our resupply from so
      > we can send out extra from there easily enough. I don't know for sure
      > about Red's Meadow, but it seems likely you can find a place to mail a
      > package close by or perhaps they will do it from you from Red's Meadow
      > for a small fee.
      > I understand the wilderness ethic question about electronic devices.
      > I'm not personally even bringing my cell phone, but I do love to take
      > pictures and this should be one of the better picture taking adventures.
      > I also like to put together a photo journal at the end of the trip to
      > share with family. I did something like that after doing Mt. Whitney
      > and Half Dome and I enjoyed putting it together and my family loved it.
      > So, it seems worth it to me to figure out how to keep the camera
      > powered. We're also bringing an emergency device (probably the SPOT 2)
      > to both let friends/family know we're OK and in case of emergency, but I
      > don't think this will need to be charged as long as we don't use it in
      > track/broadcast mode.
      > Your Bushnell Mini Solar Roll
      > <http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/78132?productId=1290006&subrnd=0&qs=3016\
      > 887_pmd_google_pla> looks pretty small to do much serious charging to
      > you should make sure it will really produce the capacity you want.
      > Remember, if you're trying to charge on the go while hiking, you will
      > both be in the trees/shade part of the time and probably not have the
      > solar panel at the ideal angle most of the time.
      > The PowerMonkey
      > <http://www.rei.com/product/835331/powertraveller-powermonkey-explorer-s\
      > olar-battery-charger> looks pretty convenient, but also looks like it
      > has pretty small solar panel. I think you'll want something larger than
      > that unless you're just charging a single device and slowly doing it
      > every day.
      > --John
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