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3128Re: [BackpackingLight] The Gear Junkie Scoop: Buddy-Board - “Is your life worth 30 seconds?” (before leaving the trailhead)

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  • zmortalcityz
    Nov 3, 2008
      Seems like a waste of $25 to just leave it face down. If you are
      going to use it then just put it face up - risk vandals or risk nobody
      seeing the board when you need it.

      Do the 'authorities' really break into your car shortly after you go
      missing? How many days does it take? How long does it take to get
      hurt or die?

      I would guess the 'authorities' would run the registration info, then
      contact family members to possibly get a destination before searching.
      Or maybe the Rangers learn that you car broke down and you got a ride
      home with someone else. My guess would be they'd have the car towed
      without needlessly breaking into the car. Why would they break in,
      what do they have to gain? They can get all your info just from the
      license plate. Its not like they know there is a filled out
      BuddyBoard upside down. If they even know what one is...

      Seems like the possible gain from leaving the buddy board face down in
      your car is INFINITESIMAL. Far less than the inconvenience of filling
      it out, worrying about it, and the $25. Doesn't seem like the last
      line of defense, just sorta silly. Just do it old school, tell the
      person you are closest to where you are going and when you call the
      rangers, etc.
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