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31211Re: [John Muir Trail] Cozy for JetBoil PCS

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  • Roleigh Martin
    Jun 4, 2013
      the web message looked identical to the below -- how do you compose the posting, are you doing some copying and pasting from something with invisible characters?
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      On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 1:20 PM, John Ladd <johnladd@...> wrote:

      I've found that a cozy really expands my cooking options with the JetBoil
       (I have the PCS, the original version of the one-person JetBoil now replaced with the similar Flash and the Sol models)

      A cozy allows me to efficiently cook things like regular pasta, rather than just angel hair, SteelCut Irish Oatmeal rather than instant, tortellini, etc. With a cozy I don't have to try to maintain the JetBoil at a simmer and I don't have to use a lot of fuel for foods that say that they require 10 minutes of more of simmering. (Sometimes repeat simmer-and-steeps are required esp. at altitude where simmering water is not as hot as at sea level)

      The cozy that I
      found at REI
      (a one liter Outdoor Products insulated bottle holder)
      the PCS
      . But it
      is no longer carried by REI
      . It
      has become very hard to find

      ut I just stumbled across it again

      It is now offered here


      The PCS pot size is
      4.1” x 7.1” (104 mm x 180 mm)

      The JetBoil Flash uses the same size pot, so it should work for that as well

      It should also fit the Sol 
      and the Titanium Sol 
      4.1” x 6.5”.

      Dimensions of the holder 4.25 in outer Diameter by 9 inch high. I don't know the weight but pretty light and if it allows you to use a 110 gram net weight isobutane canister rather than the 220 gram size it is way worth the weight. I get 24 cooked meals out of the 110's in part due to the cozy.

      Looks like this. Insulated with urethane foam and a reflective inner liner.

      Inline image 1

      Link to photo if you can't see it

      One of my favorite weird little things.

      John Curran Ladd
      1616 Castro Street
      San Francisco, CA  94114-3707

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