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3113Re: Oldest thru hiker to complete the JMT?

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  • hmdsierra
    Oct 22, 2008
      A belated than you. I wonder what the record is for the youngest
      person to summit Mt. Whitney. Two years before we did JMT, Owen, then
      8, my friend Gary and I did it. It was aronud the 4th of July in 1980
      and there was still lots of snow. Day 1 we got to Trail Camp. Day 2
      we started up the switchbacks but a good part of the trail was under
      snow. A little way below the top of the switchbacks there was a path
      through the snow to just below the pass. The west side was fairly
      snow free and we stopped and camped at the bottom on the ridge between
      Guitar Lk and Hitchcock Lks. The lakes still had ice on them. Tthe
      next day we went down as far as Lower Crabtree Mdw. Day 4 we carried
      our packs all the way to the summit of Mt. Whitney. On the south
      shoulder the path was straight up through the snow. We spent the
      night on top and returned to Whitney Portal the following day. I
      wanted to show my friend all the spots but everything was covered with
      snow all the way to the horizon. When Gary and I finished the south
      half of JMT in '93 we went back to the top to see what it looked like
      under summer conditions. It was the most difficult climb of Mt.
      Whitney I ever did but was also the most spectacular.

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      > Belated congratulations to Owen. Hope he is still addicted to hiking. I
      > added his record to my JMT page: www.backpack45.com/johnmuirtrail.html
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      > Ralph Alcorn
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