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  • robert shattuck
    Jun 2, 2013
      It's not how early you are willing to show up, but how long you are willing to wait around. 

      I've shown up many a time after one in the afternoon and got just the permit I wanted . . . But just in case you don't, make sure your vacation time has some padding of at least 2-3 days, so you won't end up either having to move too fast, or end up bailing. 

      if you get in line early in the morning, there are two (or so) ways it could go--11a.m rolls around and you get a permit to leave that very afternoon. Or you get a permit to leave the next day. Or . . .you could get no permit at all and end up spending another long night waiting in line for 11 a.m., to roll around.

      You also have trailhead quotas, so you have about four options from the valley, none if which will be that much of an inconvenience---they will usually be able to give you some sort of options, " you can leave from happy isles right now, or you can leave from Glacier point in the morning ( or the opposite of this) ..... Ultimately it is just very wise to have the extra days I. Your schedule for whatever inconvenience comes your way.


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      On Jun 2, 2013, at 7:53 PM, "Sheri" <flagstaffbiker@...> wrote:


      Hi folks,

      I just was able to get real time off in July. Obviously, I don't have a permit for the JMT and am hoping to secure one of the first come permits. I'm coming from Arizona and want to be pretty sure to get one. Any suggestions on how early I should be at the Wilderness Center? However early I need, I will be there. Thoughts?

      many thanks,


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