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30876Re: [John Muir Trail] REI Story

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  • Steve Ashe
    May 28, 2013
      I had almost the complete opposite experience a couple years ago when I tried to return and get a credit for a pair of Brunt on binoculars I purchased from REI. Honestly they never saw daylight and had everything from the original purchase. The manager looked into their computer system, and then commented that that particular model was no longer offered, then just looked at me, like 'you're kidding, right? These are way too old'. I was really looking for some partial credit sine they were $250. But this manager was a B, so I evoked the %100 guarantee statement all the sales peeps say when you're buying your thinking of buying the next 'must have' you and got a full credit back.

      Don't get me wrong, l love REI, but the 100% guarantee is no longer a sure thing. I just tossed a pair of Zamberlands after three trips because they were a bit too small and never really fit well. My bad for keeping them after the first trip.

      Joe MacLeish <jmacleish@...> wrote:


      So today I read all the emails on the site on Air Mattresses and decided for me the next step is the Neo Air X-Lite (I had the Neo Air).  I bought my first Neo for my 2011 JMT.  I cut it on the trip and repaired it easily and got a new replacement in Sept of 2011.  I didn't go to the mountains last year  and it never came out of the packaging.  Today I took it in to REI, told the story and asked to trade it at whatever fair discount for the new Neo X Lite.  Today is the 20% - 30& sale so I got the discount on the new one and full price back on the old one (2+ years old).  I had to burn the extra money so I bought a bicycle riding jacket.  Those guys are amazing.  Still a couple of hours left on the sale.


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