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  • Gail
    May 27, 2013
      Yes, they are amazing. Ten years ago I returned a $400+ Arc'teryx backpack to REI after two seasons of use. I had belatedly realized that the pack was too big for me. I explained this and that I had used it for two summers. I was hoping for some credit but never dreamed they would refund the full amount, which they did. They even gave me a choice of cash or store credit (I took the credit because I wanted to buy another backpack the same day).

      I joined REI in 1979 and feel a fair amount of customer loyalty, but an equally important reason that I sometimes buy there even if there's a cheaper price online is that I know I can return something if it truly doesn't work for me. With all the online competition now REI's incredible return policy takes on increasing importance for them.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "Joe MacLeish" <jmacleish@...> wrote:
      > So today I read all the emails on the site on Air Mattresses and decided for
      > me the next step is the Neo Air X-Lite (I had the Neo Air). I bought my
      > first Neo for my 2011 JMT. I cut it on the trip and repaired it easily and
      > got a new replacement in Sept of 2011. I didn't go to the mountains last
      > year and it never came out of the packaging. Today I took it in to REI,
      > told the story and asked to trade it at whatever fair discount for the new
      > Neo X Lite. Today is the 20% - 30& sale so I got the discount on the new
      > one and full price back on the old one (2+ years old). I had to burn the
      > extra money so I bought a bicycle riding jacket. Those guys are amazing.
      > Still a couple of hours left on the sale.
      > Joe
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