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30855Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: OK, one more time with feeling...the "ole sleeping pad debate".....

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  • Barbara Karagosian
    May 27, 2013
      I also have the XTherm - I tried it out this weekend for the first time - granted it was probably only down tot he 40s at night, but I slept very well - maybe the best ever!  You can feel how warm it is when you first lie on it.  I use an "Instaflator" to blow it up so I don't need to exhaust my lungs at altitude getting it inflated, plus don't get moist breath in it (the Instaflator weighs about an ounce and looks like a gigantic condom…).  The XTherm wasn't anything like as noisy as my original NeoAir (that I since returned) but it is a little slippery.  I used to use a Women's Prolite (the Women's have a higher r value than the mens) but it was getting to be not quite padded enough for me (side sleeper).  I'd say the only advantage it has over the Neoairs of any type is that I could kneel on it when packing up inside my tent and it wouldn't bottom out.  And I guess there's marginal insulation if it does spring a leak.

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      > Of course, if you buy from REI and don't like the thing,
      > just exchange it. Remember that today — Memorial Day —
      > is the last day of their Anniversary sale! That's a
      > $38.06 savings. :-)

      To clarify — I apologize for any confusion — the savings would be the last day that REI *Members* can use their 20% one-full-priced-product discount. The XTherm itself isn't discounted, and full price for the 72" size is $190. (http://www.rei.com/product/829850)

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