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30763Re: [John Muir Trail] Number of JMT permits this year?

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  • John
    May 24, 2013
      Ok, I get that, thank you. I had a long talk with the PCTA today and found out some interesting, though not as informative as I had hoped for, information.

      First off there is a spike in permits this year due in large part to the fact they went from group permits to actually issuing each individual a permit; BIG difference.

      I also found out that they do specifically record thru hike permits, and they do record those that finish the same year they started. However it's all moot as they have all the info but have never processed it!! With the exception of last year when someone volunteered 100+ hours to crunch some data. That's where the ~800 starts and ~350 finisher numbers came from for 2012.

      I talked to the Yosemite people last year and they are beginning to pay more attention to permits issued there with Whitney area exit points.

      Probably not a lot of people interested in this, but I'm trying to pin some numbers on the trends.

      Thanks again for your input.


      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, Frank Dumville <nccctsd@...> wrote:
      > My point was that I and others that aren't thruhikers are often included in the permit and completion numbers skewing the results.
      > Snap
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      > From: John <johndittli@...>
      >  This would only be true if you got three permits in one season and then completed the hike in that same season, not sure why you would do that though. Congratulations on your completion!
      > may include those that completed over several seasons, so the attrition could be skewed.>
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