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30515RE: [John Muir Trail] Appropriate length for fixed length trekking poles

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  • Joe MacLeish
    May 18, 2013


      I use my poles as tent poles in my tents (Tarptent  or SoLong 6) so for others who do the same, fixed lengths don't work so well.  Actually I start out at the recommended length for the tent and then later when the material stretches a bit I add another 2-3 cm to the length of the poles to tighten the tent up.  But for the data base I am 6 ft and set my poles a 130 cm and only change them when I am scrambling and need my hands free (I close them up and hang them from the pack).



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      I would measure against your adjustable poles to determine what fixed length you should select.

      Thumper aka Dan C.

      ---- John Ladd <johnladd@...> wrote:

      > I'm a fan of adjustable trekking poles, but I did want to experiment a bit
      > with using fixed length poles (by adjusting my poles to that length and
      > just using them without adjustment that way, over some up and down hiking
      > with a pack)
      > What length do you think would be an appropriate choice for someone just
      > under 6 feet tall? I see Black Diamond recommends 130 cm. Does that seem
      > right?
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