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  • sanfran_rwood
    May 16, 2013
      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, robert shattuck <bobolonius@...> wrote:
      > If it hasn't been covered yet and you are good with
      > thumbing, versus paying a somewhat large chunk of
      > cash--you can thumb out on the east side MUCH easier
      > than the west.

      It certainly should be easier hitchhiking on the east side -- the shorter distances to the trailheads plus the fact that the highway there is the major route to get anywhere means there will be a lot more traffic than deep, deep, deep in the mountains behind Fresno.

      That said, at least some of the folks leaving those mountains know what a backpacker is and will pick you up. I had to bail out of my first JMT at VVR and caught a ride. True: I had to wait over an hour, but only two or three non-stoppers went by in that time before an SUV picked me up (also: this was the second half of September, so traffic was even lighter). Given the length of the trip down to Fresno, I tossed in $40 or $60 bucks for gas, pour encourager les autres.

      Not recommended except in emergencies, though.
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