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30489Re: [John Muir Trail] Shuttle Services

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  • robert shattuck
    May 16 5:41 AM
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      (My very early morning babble...)

      If it hasn't been covered yet and you are good with thumbing, versus paying a somewhat large chunk of cash--you can thumb out on the east side MUCH easier than the west. 

      We've covered this point a few times, but its always a good reminder...

      My main point to impress is just that options to thumb out on the west are very limited and involve much greater distances versus the east side. 

      Trying to thumb out of VVR or MTR is a real drag while if you really had to you could pretty much walk out of the east side and down to civilization--a difference of 15-20 miles versus, what ...50--70 on the west side. 

      Maybe most important is the east side friendliness you will encounter. It almost seems like on the west side people see a backpacker and can't figure it out, while on the east, they see you and they kinda know you're a harmless if not smelly backpacker and they pick you up anyway.

      My vote for getting out at a sort of mid-way point would be over silver pass and down to the mono creek junction/ pass ..... Over and down to mosquito flats trailhead then a cheap thumb into Bishop, where you can thumb back up into Yosemite or you can relax and catch the morning ESTA shuttle at about 715 a.m.

      Otherwise, yeah, you can pay the luxury bucks and have someone come collect you.


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      On May 15, 2013, at 10:17 AM, "Kyle Arn" <arn.kyle@...> wrote:


      Are there shuttle services from the Muir Trail Ranch back to Yosemite?  Would the Ranch be a good halfway point heading southbound?

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