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  • jyeider
    May 14, 2013
      Pistachio jello instant pudding is so tasty and soothing. Nf dried milk powder,  cold water,  mix, freeze dried fruit or dehydrated,  shake it up and yum, plus loaded with calcium and protien.
      My favorite for 40 years. Its a good bfast too. Other pudding mix flavors too.

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      Well, in all honesty, the frozen dried desserts are pretty friggen awesome: Apple crumble, triple berry crisp, chocolate mouse, creme brule, etc. They've really got them dialed in. I divide the desserts into 2 servings, of course, put into little, light weight Ziploc snack bag.

      But I will also do pudding, sesame bars dipped in Nutella, dark chocolate bars, wafer cookies again, dipped in Nutella (Cost Plus World Market sell individual Nutellas), cookies dipped in either Nutella (seeing a pattern here) or dehydrated peanut butter. Yes, dehydrated peanut butter. Add a few drops of h2o and you've got some darn good peanut butter. Anything sweet, I'll eat it.

      But FYI, frozen dried ice cream, not so good. I stay away from those. :-(

      And of course, after dessert, a nice warn cup of herbal tea.


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      > Korina,
      > What's for desert?
      > Darryl
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      > > Hello Gail, I personally put my food in a Ziplock SNACK bag. It's the smallest, lightest bag out there and 1 full snack bag is one serving. When I get to camp, I boil some water, add food, let set while setting up camp. By time I'm done setting up, dinner is ready. Perfect... :-) Then its on to dessert. :-))))
      > >
      > > Korina

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