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30428RE: [John Muir Trail] Re: Couple questions for June hike

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  • Joe MacLeish
    May 13 10:49 PM
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      I believe it was John who cautioned on sleeping bag ratings and your own body temp.  I have an REI Sub Kilo rated at 20 degrees.  I sleep in it with nothing on.  Any clothes except a cap is way too much.  Mostly I just leave it open and sleep 1/2 out.  Personally I think a zero degree bag for June to Sept is way too much.  I camp at 10,000 ft plus.  If you take the zero degree bag, it would be interesting to get a report on it when you return.  I think you'll broil.

      I am another vote for just using the vendor packaging and adding hot water.  Mountain house or other dehydrated food is so simple to make and it really does pack well if you are careful.  I get eight days of food in the 6 day Weekender Bearicade with minimal effort and not repackaging anything.  I think the critical issue here is everybody is a little different and you need to calibrate for yourself. 



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      Dan, with a zero degree bag you'll be plenty warm, but sleeping in just shorts might get a little sticky and dirty. Good idea to have a very light pair of poly or silk long johns and some socks--at least this works for me.



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      Thanks guys. I have a 0 degree bag at my parents house on the east coast. Might have them send it out just to be comfortable and sleep in shorts.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "Dan" <shortys7777@...> wrote:
      > I've been reading here for the past few weeks and had a few questions I could not find answers too.
      > 1. What are the temps like at night around9/10,000 feet? My bag is 25 degree and I will be bringing thermals with me too for sleeping.
      > 2. I got some dehydrated food for some dinners on the trail and I was wondering if I could possibly take the food out, pack it in a smaller plastic bag and just put it right in my cooking pot with the lid on for the 10-12 minutes it says to close the bag. How long can the food stay fresh once the seal is broken? They will be eaten within a week on the trail then again after re supply.
      > 3. Where do you put your use toilet paper and or wipes if you use them? Are bears attracted to the sent of baby wipes? What about ointments and such that are in your first aid kit? do these need to go in your bear canister? I know toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc. go in there.
      > Thanks,
      > Dan

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