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30277Re: Concerns about a dry Sept hike

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  • speedcenter2001
    May 9 10:33 AM
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      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "Erica" wrote:
      > So, as others have been discussing - I'm starting to get nervous about hiking in Sept based on the snow and water level reports that have been surfacing. The SEKI facebook page posted a photo of the Kings River yesterday that was remarkably low...many commenters saying it's the lowest they've ever seen it in May....also reading that some waterfalls in Yosemite and Kings Canyon are eerily dry...


      that's because there is no snow -


      I went to the Sierra a month ago for climbing and skiing, but there wasn't any snow below 11,000 feet to even bother with ski. The inner Sierra looked like it was early June a month ago - right now I am quite sure you can do a through hike without any major snow problems on passes. In September, it'll be bone dry up there unless they get an unusually wet monsoon season in June/July, however, I recall from drought years in the 80s that when things start out really dry, the summers can be very dry as well. My first three JMTs in those years were blue skies for three weeks in July, three years in a row.




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