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30246Concerns about a dry Sept hike

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  • Erica
    May 7, 2013
      So, as others have been discussing - I'm starting to get nervous about hiking in Sept based on the snow and water level reports that have been surfacing. The SEKI facebook page posted a photo of the Kings River yesterday that was remarkably low...many commenters saying it's the lowest they've ever seen it in May....also reading that some waterfalls in Yosemite and Kings Canyon are eerily dry...

      I read Ray's blog post the other day, which was very helpful in making notes of the potential dry stretches. Based on mileage given - it seems like these dry stretches are going to be tolerable...and I'm trying to keep these stretches in mind when planning my schedule. I'm making notes on my maps of the last reliable water sources so I'll know where to stock up.

      I'm wondering if anyone feels legitimately that a Sept hike might be better of being rescheduled earlier - or if that might be an overreaction? it wouldn't be easy or convenient for me to reschedule our hike, but I'm finding myself wondering if it will likely be a significantly tougher/higher risk experience hiking in Sept vs. July this year?

      This fire season is also looking quite worrisome here in So. California - and it sounds like the Sierra's are likely going to be in the same boat.

      I'd love to hear some others thoughts on this.
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