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29206Heat and Shade

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  • Darryl
    Mar 31, 2013
      Today I hiked the Old Mt Si trail near Seattle (Roundtrip 8.2 miles, Elevation Gain 3700 ft, Highest Point 4400 ft) and when I got back to my Dodge Caravan at 3pm I was hot, sweaty and the sun was blazing. All I wanted to do was find some shade and cool down. As I mentioned before, I am quite concerned about sun exposure on the JMT because many parts of the trail are barren, and I am fair. I'm seriously considering taking a chrome dome umbrella, weight trade-off notwithstanding. My questions are:
      1) how do you manage your day so you don't overheat?
      2) how do you cool down at the end of the day, or what time does the temperature drop In the evenings? (I'll be hiking mid-August to mid-September).
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