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29099Re: [John Muir Trail] Question about using an e-reader on the trail

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  • Ray Rippel
    Mar 28, 2013
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      Good evening, Gail,

      I had a Sony Reader and loved it...until the newer stuff came out. I have an iPad, but my Mom has a Kindle which seems to have a very long battery life and is light as a feather. The new one has it's own light, and still has an eight week battery life. I think you may find the selection a bit better with a Kindle as well.

      Regardless of what you decide on, I think taking some reading material is a terrific idea. I talked about the book I read on the trail in this blog post.

      Good hiking, Ray

      On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 4:08 PM, Gail <forgetwho@...> wrote:

      I know nothing about e-readers, but I'm considering buying one to save weight on the trail. (I don't have or plan to get an IPod, IPhone, smart phone of any kind, or GPS.) After researching a number of e-readers I settled on the Sony PRS-T2 (http://e-readers.findthebest.com/l/77/Sony-PRS-T2), mostly because it weighs only 5.9 oz., supposedly has a 30 hour battery life, and is relatively inexpensive.

      I would use it to load Wenk and other books onto. But can I also do the following:

      1. Upload documents of my own (like my planned itinerary), and

      2. Get on the Internet with it at Reds? (I'm spending a night in a motel room at Reds, and they have wireless. This is what the Sony specs say about its connectivity:

      3G Capability No
      WiFi Capable Yes
      Wireless Connectivity
      WiFi (802.11b/g/n)

      So am I likely to be able to connect and read email on it?)

      Also, do you think the rating of 30 hours of battery life is likely to be accurate?

      (I know it doesn't have backlighting. One of the reasons I haven't been interested in e-readers before is that I don't like reading on computer screens when I can help it. I thought the lack of backlighting might make it seem more like reading an actual book, and I can use my headlamp when I need to.)

      Thanks - I'm a complete luddite when it comes to this...

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