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2791Re: Mosquito report?

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  • beemancron
    Aug 1, 2008
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      I completed my 2 week JMT trip last weekend. A highlight trip of my life!
      The worst place for mosquitos was around Trinity Lakes, before getting into Reds Meadow.
      I agree with other areas that have been posted in response to your question.

      I do not like using DEET on my skin and believe that we are helping breed 100% DEET
      resistant mosquitos.

      I went with the following bug proof outfit:

      1. Railriders eco-mesh shirt coverd by a O2rainwear jacket, gloves.
      2. Long pants
      3. SimBLISSity Head net from Backpacking Light site ( the lightest and most unobstructed
      view of any headnets I say on this trip)

      It worked so well that I will continue using it of future trips to the Sierras when the bugs
      are out.

      I did talk to one hiker with a pants and shirt bug net outfit. He said it was effective as long
      as the mesh was not touching the skin, and one has to be careful when sitting down to not
      tear the material on the granite surfaces.

      Happy Trails.

      The Beeman

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "tyler" <cheshire_242@...> wrote:
      > Hello All-
      > I was wondering if anyone who has been on the JMT lately can give a
      > mosquito/bug report. I'm leaving from Yosemite Valley on August 7th
      > and am trying to gauge how numerous they're going to be in a week's
      > time. Thanks!
      > T-Bone
      > (Tyler)
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