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2790Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: Where to aim for first two night's camp out of Happy Isles?

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  • Ima Person
    Jul 31, 2008
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      Jim,  the first-come permits are not necessarily only for the next day.  I got mine for starting the same day I arrived.  It just depends if there are any available or not,  whether someone failed to pick up their permit, etc.  I started the JMT back in late June so it was still early season but don't rule out hitting the trail right after you visit the backcountry office. 
      Good luck !

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      On 7/31/08, Misha <Misha_Marie@ hotmail.com> wrote:
      ...> I "rested" (because "camping" is illegal) at 1:30 am in front of the
      > wilderness office the night before my trip. The line had formed by
      > 4:00 am. Technically the permit you get is for starting the NEXT
      > day, and you can camp at the backpackers camp for $5 the night
      > before you start. However, I left the same day that my permit was
      > issued. A ranger near the half dome trail asked to see my permit,
      > but he didn't really harass me about being out a day early.

      I didn't realize that the first-come permits are for the next day. I
      think I'll plan to do as you did.

      When was this- day of week and all. I wasn't planning to make it to
      the permit office until about 5:00 but might go earlier.


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