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  • Barbara Karagosian
    Jul 30, 2008
      Hi all,

      Just spent 2 weeks in Tuolumne area, Lyell Canyon & up to Young lakes.
      Tried out some new (to me) gear:

      Rainshadow 2 tent tarp - for three people but we only had two. Loved it,
      recommend putting gobs of silicone on the floor and on your pad to prevent
      sliding (I thought I was going to zoom downhill into the nearest lake, even
      tho I had put some on). Not a true test tho cos it didn't rain, and because
      I had some issues adjusting the bottom, I think I would've got wet.

      MSR Hyperflow filter - also loved it, but found that the input hose easily
      came off its nozzle, and the output attachment to the Nalgene bottle easily
      unscrewed itself, so had to hold those on firmly. Also the filter tended to
      invert itself in the water, and really needed a second person to hold it in
      place. Used for three days with no need to do the backflow thing on it.

      MSR Windpro stove with titanium pot. Loved it - included with it is a

      Mossies - Ok during the day - loads near water at night, plus all sorts of
      other UFOs. Didn't use a headnet but did need 30% deet longacting. Some
      people used Off which was also effective. Didn't see any bears.

      Food - loved tortillas with bean dip and cheddar cheese (bean dip in one of
      those squeezy tubes.) Also Mountain House Pro lasagna with meat sauce, and
      chicken teriyaki.

      Off on an 8 day trip starting at South Lake to Muir Pass and around, next

      Oh, I was asking various people which pads they used or preferred. One man
      told me I needed to ask thru hikers if I wanted lightweight because they
      sacrifice comfort for light-weight. He prefers comfort. He then told me he
      carried a 50lb pack - ouch!


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