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2768Re: [John Muir Trail] Where to aim for first two night's camp out of Happy Isles?

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  • Kevin Cotter
    Jul 30, 2008

      I did some research on the same subject and got the following info from
      the Rangers:

      You may use either Happy Isles to LYV or Happy Isles to Sunrise/Merced
      (pass-through). The only difference is that the first allows you to
      camp at LYV, you do not HAVE to camp there. The second does not allow
      you to camp at LYV.

      The only advantage to LYV is they have bear boxes (then again, so does
      Sunrise), but since you only have 2 days' worth of food, that shouldn't
      be an issue for you.

      Just take the permit that's available. Another option is Glacier Point
      to LYV, I realize it doesn't start on the "real" JMT but it'll get you
      where you're going. That hike, along the Panorama Trail, is beautiful
      (then again, who knows what the smoke will do to the views). It also
      starts you at a higher altitude (7000 vs. 4000 ft at Happy Isles), and
      there's a hiker's bus that goes to GP.

      It's a good idea to keep your options open.

      Kevin C (sobo on Aug 10 from Glacier Point).

      Jim W wrote:
      > My itinerary is 15 days total; 8 to Muir Trail Ranch, but I want to
      > start out slow and easy. Past experience tells me that a gentle break
      > in on the first two days makes the trip much more enjoyable. I'll
      > begin with only 2 days food and resupply via mail at Tuolumne. The
      > plan is to spend two nights between Happy Isles and Tuolumne, pick up
      > my mail drop in the morning after hiking a few miles, then make the
      > upper end of Lyell Canyon for night three.
      > I'll arrive via Amtrak at 8:00 PM and be in the Valley permit line at
      > 0:dark:30 the next morning to get a first-come permit. According to
      > http://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/wildcond.htm
      > <http://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/wildcond.htm> the wilderness
      > office opens at 7:30. 12 first-come permits for Little Yosemite
      > Valley and 4 for "Happy Isles to Sunrise/Merced Lake (pass-through)"
      > are available. Does that mean I need one of the "pass-through"
      > permits if I want to hike more than 6 miles the first day?
      > Given all this, which permit sounds most reasonable and what does
      > everyone suggest for the first two night camp spots? Is Little
      > Yosemite Valley to be avoided for camping?
      > Thanks
      > Jim
      > Aug 10 start

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