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  • John
    Feb 17, 2013

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, gkahn21 <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > John,
      > I agree with you but just wondering why you only think Rafferty Creek is a loophole while Happy Isles->Illilouette isn't, or Glacier Point->Illilouette too. To me it seems almost an identical situation. 
      Sorry to rev this thread up and then disappear into the backcountry for a week. 

      I can't really comment on the Illilouette options as I'm not really familiar as to what people are proposing there.  I have hiked the Panorama trail only once.

      Too me, the Park service has been kind enough to split the quota for Lyell Fork and Rafferty in two, even though it is the same TH and same trail for four miles.  To me, this is a concession for those hikers wanting to hike into the Cathedral Range and not have to compete with hikers going up the Lyell Fk/JMT. 

      Starting at a truly different TH to access the JMT is really just a shorter/different trip (ie. starting at TM rather than HI etc.). Knowing the wilderness staff at Yosemite, I know they are keenly aware of these "alternate" starts and they are concerned with the impacts to other users as well as increased impacts on the ground. It will not surprise me in the least if they quit issuing "thru" permits from alternate starts in the future. This is unfortunate for those that actually wish to start their through hikes at those locations.

      Walk the Sky

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