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272Re: A few more questions???

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  • hmdsierra
    Jun 6, 2000
      I make my own meals, mostly off the supermarket
      shelves. Rice and Sauce, Noodles and Sauce are good and
      also have recipes on the box that often may be adapted
      to backpacking. I usually take a can or two of
      chicken or ham. One of my favorites is using potatoes au
      gratin and canned ham fixed in a frying pan. I also make
      bread a lot. Use Bisquick or make your own biscuit mix.
      Add water to a soft dough flatten in a frying pan and
      fry both sides. Macaroni and cheese with bacon bits
      is also a standby. Use your imagination and you can
      make many tasty meals. Of course they take a little
      longer to prepare, you actually have to cook. However, a
      few years back I was with some guys with freeze dried
      chicken teriyaki and they were eying my red beans and
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