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26934RE: [John Muir Trail] camp: sleep without tent

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  • robert shattuck
    Feb 1, 2013
      "  . . . predict when condensation will be on the tent in the morning" 

      Just plan on it. 

      If you brought along your barometer (or some such gizmo)  and spent all kinds of time taking various measurements and using a table of data and a calculator and so on, you could probably figure out when you were going to wake up with a wet tent, or bag––but you'd have to stay up all night, monitoring your systems, jotting down data and waiting for that moisture to form . . .  

      But if you just go with the flow (open your vents) some mornings your tent will be free of condensation, and other times, it'll be wet.  This kind of moisture doesn't really hurt your sleeping bag or anything else and if it is wet, the simple fix is to set it out in the sun––let everything dry. 

      Of course if you're getting up at 4 a.m. and hitting the trail in the dark, so you can knock out the big miles, just remember to take a break in the afternoon and pull out whatever might need to dry out. 

      Just a side note to drying things out––make sure to tack things down . . . I've seen a few tents get blown away. 

      Condensation is pretty much just a daily part of your household chores


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