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  • Herb
    Jan 2, 2013
      On the issue of chemical treatment, we have used Micropur tabs for their convenience and the fact they do not seem to impact taste. They are, however, somewhat more expensive. I have not had any problem with them dissolving properly.

      Note that technically aqua mira does not address giardia after just 15 minutes, and in fact, does not claim it is effective as to giardia at all. To make that assertion requires calling for exposure of 4 hours. Micropur wants to market that it is effective against giardia, hence its labeling says you must wait 4 hours. AM wants to tout the water is ready to drink in 15 minutes, so omits the giardia claim.

      Both of the above chemical treatments do essentially the same thing in about the same amount of time. In most instances 15 minutes will kill all of the nasties. But there are variables that impact how long the process takes, such as temperature, presence of organic matter, ph levels, and water turbidity. If you are truly concerned over giardia in particular and want to be absolutely certain, you should allow for a four hour wait time whether using AM or Micropur.

      If weight and giardia effectiveness are the only issues, consider an inline Sawyer filter that attaches to your camelbac in place of the bite value. They are about 4 ounces and, obviously, require no wait time at all.

      Having said all that, in the Sierra we almost always drink out of the natural water sources. The only exceptions are areas in which there is heavy stock or human activity, and there we use chemical treatment. We rarely wait the 4 hours, but try to give the chemicals as much quality time with the water as we can before drinking.

      Finally, I use a camelbac but started carrying it in a side pocket rather than inside the pack. Although I still cannot see it with the pack on, I can reach around and feel how much water I have left. In addition, water can be added without opening the pack. Personally, I drink more when I have a water tube in easy reach so it is important for me to make the system work. If we are desert hiking and sticker bushes are a concern, I put my tveck drop cloth around the camelbac. This not only protects from punctures but helps insulate as well.


      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "Darryl" <dabrahms@...> wrote:
      > I would appreciate some suggestions on how to save weight on hydration. I currently use a Camelbak 3L reservoir (which I'm not wedded to, but it does the job). Having knowledge of upcoming water sources and how far one can travel per liter seems to be a good way to reduce the load. I don't really know how to plan this out. Previously I'd fill my Camelbak up and carry an additional half a liter in a Nalgene bottle as a backup. Then I would walk "blind" until I'd stop to camp for the night near a water source. There must be a smarter way to do this, without being paranoid of running out of water. Thanks.
      > Darryl
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