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264Re: hiking the JMT-any advice

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  • JimR_pdx
    Jun 4, 2000
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      My JMT advice (for what it's worth*) echoes many
      guidebooks: don't do the whole thing in one trip if you don't
      have to. I've done a few 15-mile days, and my
      recollection of the scenery suffered for it. Doing the entire
      JMT at once is an impressive feat, no doubt about
      that! But if you're in the wilderness to see the
      sights, a ten-mile pace will be more rewarding, and the
      spur trails are every bit as scenic as the Muir Trail
      itself. I'll never forget that 500-foot rapid/waterfall
      just below Pine Creek Pass in '96, among many other
      great spots!<br><br>* Yes, it's true: I have not done
      the entire trail and have never traveled north of
      Tully Hole, so my advice takes a grain or two of rock
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