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25659Re: Conventional Wisdom Regarding GPS on JMT

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  • Tim Habiger
    Nov 4, 2012
      Even on the JMT, I don't go "out there" anymore without a gps.  The ability to know where you are at all times is a great confidence booster and helps you make informed decisions.  I own several but the one I use on backpack trips is a Garmin foretrex 401.  Very small and light, (2.5oz with batteries installed).  The foretrex is not feature rich and is not a mapping gps.  I only use it for location fixes which I then plot on a paper map using a UTM grid (www.maptools.com).  I also bring a compass (Silva 515 for several years now) as a backup.  As a side note, a compass is a poor backup unless you have some idea of how to use it.  Easy to learn though.  Still prefer paper maps because of the ability to view a larger amount of terrain than with a small LCD display.  I usually setup and print my own using a program called OziExplorer.  What is said above about the compass applies equally to paper maps.  Much more useful if you know how to read them.  Navigation can be a very interesting side hobby supporting our main passion of being "out there".
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