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25336Re: Creating the John Muir Trail Association

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  • pctassociation
    Sep 14, 2012
      Hi JMT group!

      One of the group's members sent along notice of this thread and asked for PCTA's comments. I was out thruhiking the JMT (3rd-ish time, 9 days, beautiful!) when the bulk of the discussion occurred.

      Having read it all, we want to start with acknowledging all of the great ideas and discussion. We don't really need to respond to most of it, because other people have expounded on the topic so well.

      Many have discussed the desire that the PCTA have better JMT information. To this we say "ABSOLUTELY!" We will gladly link to the JMT-YG and hold it up as a vibrant and helpful place to discuss the JMT. We will also expand our JMT information.

      We've been building a new website for a few months. It looks great! When I started at the PCTA in Spring 2011, I was especially excited about revamping the tools at our disposal so that we could provide better information. It's still a few months off launching. Quite soon (weeks?), we'll be ready to start on the content creation for our JMT info. If JMT-YG has input, we'd like to hear it.

      With our website (v.1.0) we'll aim to steward helpful, detailed and concise information. In the future, we may evolve it into something deeper, perhaps an interactive portal with a great depth of information. (We have grand plans.)

      We're not sure how to work with a Yahoo Group to advise us on content for a webpage. Do you have ideas? How'd that work? Note that we're all busy.

      If people are interested in advising us on content, we can set up some guidelines for what we're looking for and a Google Doc that everyone can edit. Perhaps we try a Google Hangouts video chat to collaborate on ideas.

      I'll check this thread again for responses. I don't have time to hang out on the group much though. It's best to contact me at jhaskel@... or 916-285-1846. If I haven't responded in this thread, please do send me an email.

      Happy trails,
      Jack Haskel
      Trail Information Specialist, Pacific Crest Trail Association
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