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25155Re: Creating the John Muir Trail Association

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  • trail2nowhere
    Sep 5, 2012
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      Hi folks,

      Getting on this a little late and I haven't read everything....but. There is awesome organization called the PCTA that has been building and maintaining the JMT/PCT trail system for quite a very long time with excellent trail volunteer system and staff. They are a great group and your efforts are best served to work with them since they already have the MOU and great working agreement with the US Govt. Starting a separate JMTA would quite frankly make no sense since the JMT and the PCT are essentially the same except the the small sections that we all know. The individuals involved are personal friends of mine and they care very deeply about how all the different interagency issues have to work together to make the JMT work as well as it does. It is much harder than you would imagine to get all of these different govt agencies to work together and the people that pull it off have my highest regard. They are heros to me. I.e. do you ever wonder why you can get one permit and hike through so many different parks and nat'l forests seemlessly? Do you ever wonder why we don't see mountain bikes on the JMT even though the mtn bike assoc has been lobbying for it for along time? The answer is that there are great people in the right places that understand the bigger issues and have the reseources to make the right thing happen most of the time. The JMT is part of a much greater system that needs to be appreciated.

      Check it out http://www.pcta.org/ and please give generously to protect this treasure we have.


      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "Herb" <hstroh@...> wrote:
      > Getting back to the theme of the thread, it may be we are putting the cart before the horse to say that there is or is not a need for a JMT Associatiib. I think it would be helpful to solicit input from managing agencies to see if there is some benefit a JMT user-group could bring to administration efforts. Bringing visibility to a JMT website not only helps with logistics, it is a means to promote better trail ethics among newer hikers. It could be a means for managing agencies to dispese trail info to a large group of affected hikers quickly.
      > And what about trail policies? Would an organized user-group have greater influence on future management polices? The recent discussion regarding potential regulation of packers suggests that current polices can be subject to change.
      > I think it is worth assembling a small group to investigate if there are ways formally or informally in which organized volunteers might improve use and access to the JMT.
      > Herb
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