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25150Re: Creating the John Muir Trail Association

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  • Herb
    Sep 4, 2012
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      Getting back to the theme of the thread, it may be we are putting the cart before the horse to say that there is or is not a need for a JMT Associatiib. I think it would be helpful to solicit input from managing agencies to see if there is some benefit a JMT user-group could bring to administration efforts. Bringing visibility to a JMT website not only helps with logistics, it is a means to promote better trail ethics among newer hikers. It could be a means for managing agencies to dispese trail info to a large group of affected hikers quickly.

      And what about trail policies? Would an organized user-group have greater influence on future management polices? The recent discussion regarding potential regulation of packers suggests that current polices can be subject to change.

      I think it is worth assembling a small group to investigate if there are ways formally or informally in which organized volunteers might improve use and access to the JMT.

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