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25135Re: Locked into Muir Hut - Be careful

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  • marre_e
    Sep 4, 2012
      Hi Manfred--it was fun to meet you along the trail, at Red's and at the water crossing near Center (?) Basin. We finished a day after you and you must have really beat feet to get ahead of us--we never saw you since before Forrester. Congratuations.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "manfred_kopisch" <manfred@...> wrote:
      > We finished yesterday the JMT with our two daughters. It was again a wonderful experience - despite all the thunderstorms with rain and hail.
      > One story I wanted to share - as a warning - is our experience of being locked into Muir Hut.
      > On 8/12 a storm prevented us from going over Muir Pass and we seeked shelter in Muir Hut. Inside was already one hiker who had blocked the door with a big rock from the inside and didn't open to my 9 year old daugther when she opened the upper door from the outside, but couldn't open the lower door (due to the rock). I had to push the door open with brute force to get my family in. The guy just turned his back in his sleeping bag and didn't answer any questions, why he would block the door.
      > The next morning he got up around 5:45 am and left the hut. That woke us up and my daughters now wanted to go to the bathroom, but couldn't open the door. So I got out of my sleeping bag to help, but it turned out I couldn't open the door either. The upper door was looked from the outside with a hook. It couldn't be released from the inside and the upper door kept the lower door closed.
      > We were stuck and hoped for another hiker to come by and free us. But that didn't happen. Shortly before 8 am we were finally able to free ourselves by bending a wire into shape, sticking it outside at the top of the door and lifting the hook up from above.
      > It added more adventure to our trip - but was unasked for. And being stuck in the hut with a 9 and 10 year old girl who need to go to the restroom was not the kind of adventure we were looking for.
      > So as a word of advice - be aware of the people who are with you in the hut and what they do, when they leave.
      > Best Regards,
      > Manfred
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